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Delve into the world of Tyrant, a dark fantasy adventure set in an unforgiving land, ruled over by the enigmatic Dark Lord. Filled to the brim with grisly death and terror, both mundane and otherworldly, Tyrant stands out as a challenging text adventure, are you brave enough to see it through?

A cursed land locked in an eternal cycle, ruled over by a shadowy entity in control of the people's minds.

The few able to oppose it, bound to serve, their fates corrupted beyond the threat they pose.

Rebellious stirrings that struggle pointlessly against the power of the Dark Lord.

A society built on pain, engineered to perpetuate it as all suffer abjectly in the eternal cycle, their identities taken from them.


  • Written content clocking in around 220.000 words, amounting to 550 pages worth of writing
  • An expansive branching story with over 500 passages for you to play through
  • Excellent replay value with the addition of achievements
  • Multiple endings, featuring 20 different outcomes to your actions
  • Morality mechanic, keeping track of your choices, opening up different possibilities and different endings
  • Challenging choice making, featuring over 100 death scenarios
  • Rich dark fantasy world with deep story and interesting characters
  • Overreaching mysteries abounding within the narrative
  • Three secret endings for you to discover

Playable without any installation and mobile compatible, playing on a tablet of any kind or your computer is recommended over platforms with smaller screens.


Buy Now$0.99 USD or more

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